What would you buy for $ 15,000?

Get the Chevrolet Spark for $ 15,000

Buy a week of timeshare in the platinum season at Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club. Buy this directly from a current owner. Be prepared to spent money every year on the maintenance fee.

Or invest your $ 15,000 in a pair of sunglasses. Like the Lanvin Sunwear By Phillippe Chevallie.

You can also go for a nice road bike, like the Cervelo P5X

Why not spent all of it one 1 T-Shirt? A rare and one of a kind Andrei Molodkin x Supreme Sample T-Shirt.

Fly in style for christmas from New York to Bangkok (single trip only) and buy a First Class Ticket on Emirates Airlines.

Buy this 85 inch television for a meager $ 15,000

Or spent that cash on a house in Akron, Oh.

You can spent this money in 1 night by booking the Kingpin Suite at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

Study one year at the West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Tx. In 2014-15, out-of-state students paid ,538 in tuition, with an additional ,000 earmarked for textbooks and academic supplies. Those electing to live and dine on campus paid an additional ,376. All in, out-of-state students paid just shy of ,000 each year for their education, well under half of the national average for public four-year colleges.

Why not treat yourself on this Vintage Chanel Velvet Backpack?

More info on CAR or SUNGLASSES for $ 15,000?

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