In this episode of Codename: Project Space, I go to The Vortex Concert Club in Akron, OH! The episode is uploading a little late because the rendering took a while. Anyways, as I went down to the venue, I happened to catch quite a few Akron locals as well as Cleveland, Salem, and for the first time in the series, Ravenna. Really great turnout that night! The co-headliner and headliner were In Malum and Curse Them! Those bands alone stole the show that night! That night was the debut show for In Malum. Out of my experience of doing filmwork and going to concerts in general, I have never seen an act with a debut show back a venue in this magnitude! Definitely see a lot of potential in all of the bands that performed! Here are the bands that are featured:

When We Return (Akron, OH)
Bad Oma (Salem, OH)
Merciless Reign (Akron, OH)
Blood Coven (Akron, OH)
In Malum (Ravenna, OH)
Curse Them (Akron, OH)

More content to come in the future! Recording session take place earlier today, so there will be more info on that in Entry #38! Stay tuned!

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