**WARNING: Beware the ear rape starting at 1:49:44! My camera was about to die near the end of Black or White and I had to switch to plan B: Snapchat. I do apologize, but that’s the best I could do, thank you!**

Who’s Bad is the ULTIMATE Michael Jackson tribute band that performed at House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio on March 3, 2018. Yes I know my camera work isn’t ever THE BEST, so please no judgement on this material. I own nothing! Setlist below!

1. Brace Yourself Intro: 00:06
2. Blood On the Dance Floor/Scream/Why You Wanna Trip On Me (instrumental): 03:25
3. Jam: 06:11
4. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’: 12:11
5. Rock With You: 17:15
6. Love Never Felt So Good: 20:02
7. This Place Hotel (instrumental): 23:17
8. Smooth Criminal: 24:50
9. Human Nature: 33:56
10. The Way You Make Me Feel: 44:19
11. Shake Your Body (Down To the Ground) (instrumental): 49:31
12. Workin’ Day and Night: 50:25
13: Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough: 57:19
14. I Want You Back: 1:00:29
15. The Love You Save: 1:01:36
16. Dancing Machine: 1:02:36
17. I’ll Be There: 1:05:03
18. Another Part Of Me (instrumental): 1:12:18
19. Billie Jean: 1:15:36
20. Beat It: 1:23:23
21. Thriller: 1:29:32
22. Bad: 1:36:05
23. Man in the Mirror: 1:42:07
24. Black or White: 1:48:02

More info on Who’s Bad LIVE at House of Blues in Cleveland, OH, on March 3rd, 2018

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