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Bud Wryte of Akron Home Services Guide reveals the three common questions you need to ask a local handyman before hiring one to do home improvement or repair work for your residence.

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Bud Wryte is an accomplished author and educator helping home owners in Akron, Ohio and the surrounding Northeast Ohio area understand the secrets and tips on finding affordable and reliable local handymen in and around Akron Ohio.

Bud has written a number of guides and checklists to help homeowners and landlords find the right home improvement companies. This video focuses on finding the right handyman in Akron Ohio.


There are 3 common concerns most people have when trying to find the right handyman.

Do these sound familar to you?

Number 1. Are they a reputable, trustworthy person that does what they say they’re going to do.
Number 2. Do they show up on time and guarantee their work.
Number 3. Will I ever get charged hidden fees above and beyond their original quote.

If you have any of these fears, we want to put your mind at ease.

By offering you our free report, “Everything you must know before hiring a Handyman!”

This is a clearly written, 22-page report that will help you understand how handymen and women work and what you need to know so you can make the best decision possible.

Simply complete the form on this page and download your free report now.

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