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Arnold’s Bar and Grill

Cincinnati Music Hall

Athens Lunatic Asylum

Benninghofen House

Chateau Laroche

Franklin Castle

Goll Woods State Nature Preserve

Gore Orphanage

Lima Tuberculosis Hospital

Mudhouse Mansion

Nationwide Arena

Ohio State Reformatory

Palace Theatre (Canton, Ohio),_Ohio)

Prospect Place

Spring House Gazebo

Bissman Building

Beaver Creek State Park

Kent Stage

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum

Akron Civic Theatre

Lafayette Hotel

Austintown Log House

Squire’s Castle

Spring Grove Cemetery



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Paranormal events are phenomena described in popular culture, folklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation.

A paranormal phenomenon is different from hypothetical concepts such as dark matter and dark energy. Unlike paranormal phenomena, these hypothetical concepts are based on empirical observations and experimental data gained through the scientific method.

The most notable paranormal beliefs include those that pertain to ghosts, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, psychic abilities or extrasensory perception, and cryptids.

In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is a manifestation of the spirit or soul of a person. Alternative theories expand on that idea and include belief in the ghosts of deceased animals. Sometimes the term ghost is used synonymously with any spirit or demon, however in popular usage the term typically refers to a deceased person’s spirit.

The belief in ghosts as souls of the departed is closely tied to the concept of animism, an ancient belief which attributed souls to everything in nature. As the 19th-century anthropologist George Frazer explained in his classic work, The Golden Bough, souls were seen as the creature within that animated the body. Although the human soul was sometimes symbolically or literally depicted in ancient cultures as a bird or other animal, it was widely held that the soul was an exact reproduction of the body in every feature, even down to clothing the person wore. This is depicted in artwork from various ancient cultures, including such works as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which shows deceased people in the afterlife appearing much as they did before death, including the style of dress.

Although the evidence for ghosts is largely anecdotal, the belief in ghosts throughout history has remained widespread and persistent.


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