The Cascade Valley parks, in Akron, Ohio display the uniqueness and natural beauty of the Akron area. Cascade Valley currently has four sections: Cascade Locks, and the Oxbow, Chuckery, and Schumacher areas. The Cascade Locks provide a peak into Akron’s past as a post on the Ohio & Erie Canal, as it takes hikers past numerous canal locks along the Towpath Trail. The Oxbow, Chuckery, and Schumacher areas The Oxbow and Chuckery areas offer scenic views of the Cuyahoga river, the surrounding forest, and the cliffs and ravines that constitute the Cuyahoga Valley.

This video features the Oxbow Area of the Cascade Valley. The Oxbow trail (1.2 mi) starts off by taking hikers along the Cuyahoga River. Several forest openings and off-trail paths provide the opportunity to view the gentle rapids. The trail proceeds upwards via a staircase installed in the valley-side, to the Cascade Overlook, which provides a stunning view of the Cascade Valley and the Cuyahoga River. The trail then loops back to the trailhead as it descends into the valley.

Stay tuned for future videos featuring hikes from other sections of the Cascade Valley!

Trailhead location, via Google Maps:

For more information about the Cascade Valley, visit Summit Metroparks site:

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