Letters Testamentary (aka Letters of Authority) are the official court documents authorizing an executor to act on behalf of a probate estate. These documents give the executor the power to carry out the legal requirements of the probate estate process. Valente Law can help obtain Letters of Authority and help guide you through the entire probate estate administration process. Call us now at (330) 665-5000 to get started.

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  • What is Letters Testamentary? definition and meaning

    Definition of letters testamentary: Documents issued by the court of proper jurisdiction indicating what person, bank, or organization has been...

  • What Are Letters Testamentary? | A People's Choice

    What are Letters Testamentary Compared to Letters of Administration? A question often asked is, what’s the difference between Letters Testamentary and Letters of Administration. A Petition to Probate with request for Letters Testamentary is filed with the Superior Court to probate a will in California. Letters Testamentary are not actually ...

  • What Is a Letter of Testamentary? - LegalZoom

    How to Obtain a Letter of Testamentary. To obtain your letter of testamentary, you will need to file the will and death certificate in the probate court, along with forms asking for the letter of testamentary. You'll need to provide your information, as well as some basic information about the value of the estate and the date of death.

  • Letters Testamentary legal definition of Letters Testamentary

    Letters Testamentary. The formal instrument of authority and appointment granted by the proper court to an executor (one designated in a will to manage the estate of the deceased) empowering that person to execute the functions of the office.

  • How to Obtain Letters Testamentary | Legal Beagle

    Letters testamentary are official papers issued by the probate court. As part of her duties, the executor must collect the assets of the deceased, which may be in the possession other people or an institution like a bank.

  • What is a Letter of Testamentary? - Rocket Lawyer

    With a Letter of Testamentary. A Letter of Testamentary—sometimes called a “Letter of Administration” or “Letter of Representation”—is a document granted by a local court. The document simply states that you are the legal executor for a particular estate and that you have the ability to act as such.

  • How to Obtain Letters Testamentary (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    How to Obtain Letters Testamentary. When someone dies and has a will, the court will appoint someone as the executor of that person's estate. The executor has the responsibility of paying all of the deceased person's debts and distributing...

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