Hampton Hills is part of the Summit Metroparks system. It has two hiking trails, an archery range, and a mountain biking area in designated sections of the park. The mountain biking area, which opened in Spring 2016, is the most recent addition to Hampton Hills and a welcome addition to the numerous mountain bike trails in Northeast Ohio.

There are three trails in the Hampton Hills mountain biking area: 1) the white trail (.23 mi), which is suited for beginners, 2) the green trail (1.5 mi), which is suited for advanced beginners and intermediate riders, and 3) the blue trail (or “Woodward Creek Loop,” 5.44 mi), which is suited for intermediate and advanced riders. Summit Metroparks plans to add “black trails” in the near future, which will be suited for advanced riders only.

The Woodward Creek Loop is located at the north end of the Hampton Hills Mountain Bike Area, and is accessible via a straight gravel road. The trail follows down a hill, across a wooden bridge, and along the side of a small hill before it enters the forest. Riders will have the option to take the shorter, easier Upper Loop, or dive into the valley on the Lower Woodward Creek Loop. Following the lower portion takes riders through tight switchbacks, with several small hills that provide an opportunity to catch air, and a wooden wall ride. There is also an optional section with a set of small skinny bridges and a wooden jump.

At the valley floor, riders will have the option to cross Woodward Creek or continue along the Lower portion of the Woodward Creek Loop. Crossing Woodward Creek takes riders on an out and back section that winds up a hill, crosses Woodward Creek again, runs alongside a small lake, and enters a flowy section with two tabletops and a series of small hills. The return takes riders on a fast descent that winds down the previously climbed hill.

After returning from the out and back section, riders will continue the rest of the lower portion of the Woodward Creek Loop, which crosses several bridges, before passing Woodward Creek Falls. Trail builders have made several benches by the falls. It is a truly scenic spot, and a great place to take a break, before making the steep climb out of the valley.

Once completing the climb, riders will warmly welcome the much easier ride on the Upper Loop back to the trailhead.

Stay tuned for future videos featuring new additions to the Hampton HIlls trails!

Trailhead location, via Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/R1MUC17vZQw

For a map (pdf) of the Hampton Hills Mountain Bike Area, courtesy of Summit Metroparks, visit: http://www.summitmetroparks.org/MetroParks/media/pdfs/maps/MAP-HH-Mountain-Bike-Trail-Area-WEB.pdf

For more on Hampton Hills Metropark, visit Summit Metroparks site: http://www.summitmetroparks.org/hampton-hills-metro-park.aspx

For updates on trail conditions, follow the Hampton Hills MTB Area Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SMPmountainbike

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